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The KVCC Pool has been a mainstay in the Valley for over 100 years -- providing members with a relaxing and safe place to escape the heat of the summer.

The pool is open from 10am to 6pm, daily. A certified lifeguard is on duty during pool hours. Children under 12 must be supervised (see full Rules and Regulations, below)

Activities and Lessons

The KVCC pool provides members and guests with a refreshing meeting place for kids and adults of all ages.

Equipped with a kiddie pool, full size pool with swim lanes, a fun slide, plenty of ADK chairs and a sandbox, the pool area has something for everyone.

Water Sports Days
Held twice over the summer season, Water Sports Day is all about fun and games at the pool for KVCC kids and guests! 
Parents are welcome (and required for all kids under 10). No registration required... just show up for the fun!

Swim Lessons
The KVCC does not provide swim lessons on a formal basis. 

Rules and Regulations

Members are reminded that pool safety is the key to enjoying the swimming pool. The complete set of pool rules are posted at the pool entrance and on the lifeguard stand. All members should review the pool rules at the start of the season. Please review the rules with children and support the enforcement of the pool rules.

The Swimming Pool rules:

1. The lifeguard is the ultimate authority in charge of the pool and must be obeyed. The lifeguard will maintain discipline with the full support of the Club Manager and the Board of Directors.

2. The lifeguard is not responsible for discipline outside of the pool or pool deck.

3. The lifeguard is not a babysitter and may not watch individual children.

4. Pool use is reserved for members and their guests. Maximum capacity 85 people.

5. Swim only when the lifeguard is on duty.

6. The pool hours will be posted each season. No one may use the pool when the pool is closed or the lifeguard is off duty.

7. No swimming after dark

8. A responsible adult or sitter must accompany children under the age of 12 while in the pool area.

9. No running on the pool deck.

10. Horseplay, pushing, shoving or dunking are not allowed.

11. No running dives.

12. No diving in less than 8 feet deep.

13. Glassware prohibited in the pool area.

14. No flotation tubes or floating mattresses over 12 inches in diameter.

15. All children must be properly clothed. Swim diapers are required.

16. All children under 12 must pass a swim test in order to swim in the deep end of the pool or use the slide. Children under 8 need to retest each year.

17. No one other than the lifeguard may sit on the lifeguard bench.

18. No blocking of the lifeguard’s field of vision or prolonged conversations with the lifeguard.

19. The slide rules must be strictly followed:

  1. One person at a time on the ladder
  2. No standing at the top of the slide
  3. No hanging from the end of the slide.
  4. Only slide seated with the feet first down the slide.

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