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Guest Fees

Membership Fees

Guest Fees

Membership to the KVCC is annual and officially begins on June 1st.

The KVCC offers new (Associate) members a discounted membership fee for the first two seasons before becoming a Full member. Associate Members have all of the rights and privileges of Full Members, except he/she may not serve on the Board, vote in KVCC elections, or propose new active members.  After two years as an Associate Member, the Membership Committee will normally recommend the Associate for Full Membership.  At that time the new Full Member will be assessed a one-time Initiation Fee of $150.00.

To join the KVCC, please complete the on-line Application Form.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Membership Types

Family Unlimited family member access to all facilities and social events. "Family" includes head of household, spouse or partner, and unmarried dependent children 25 or younger.

SingleFull access to all facilities and social events. Under 30 discount available.

Social For members who do not wish to use the athletic facilities of the KVCC yet wish to be affiliated with the club. Social members do not have guest privileges and may not use the KVCC facilities other than the clubhouse.

Paddle Tennis - Full access to the paddle tennis court is available all year.

Membership Fees

Below is a schedule of annual membership fees. Payments are due on June 1st.  (Note: To avoid a $50 late fee, please pay on or before June 1)



Pre-Tax Charge
   1st Year Associate $797.93  -30% (Yr 1 Disc.)
   2nd Year Associate $797.93  -15% (Yr 2 Disc.) $678.24
   Full Member
$797.93  +$150 (Initiation Fee) $947.93
$797.93 n/a


   1st Year Associate $478.76  -30% (Yr 1 Disc.)
   2nd Year Associate $478.76 -15% (Yr 2 Disc.)
   Full Member
$478.76  +$150 (Initiation Fee)
$478.76 n/a

Single (<30)

   1st Year Associate $335.13  -30% (Yr 1 Disc.); -30% (<30 Disc.)
   2nd Year Associate $335.13 -15% (Yr 2 Disc.); -30% (<30 Disc.) $284.86
   Full Member
$335.13  +$150 (Initiation Fee); -30% (<30 Disc.) $485.13
$335.13 $335.13

Social (Per Person)
$59.11 n/a

   Family $260 n/a
   Single $145 n/a

Members and Guests - Main Club

Members are permitted to bring guests to the Club and are asked to sign guests in at the Guest Registry located next to tennis court #1 (see green arrow, right). The per-day charge for guests at the KVCC is $8.00 (no charge for children under three years old). Bills for guest fees are mailed at the end of the summer.

Rules and regulations regarding guests at the club:

  1. Members are responsible for registering their guests when they enter club grounds.
  2. All guests using the tennis courts, the swimming pool, clubhouse facilities must be registered each day in the guest book.
  3. Members will be charged a daily guest fee for each guest using the KVCC facilities.
  4. The guest book is located on the podium by court # 1.
  5. Please introduce your guests to the Club Manager and to the Lifeguard.
  6. Guest fees are determined each year and are announced in the spring newsletter.
  7. Guest fees are billed on an annual basis each Fall by mail.
  8. Social guests and guests watching activities, but not participating, do not need to be registered.
  9. House Guests may visit 14 times during the summer season.
  10. Non-House Guests may visit the club once a week.

Members and Guests - Paddle

The official Platform Tennis season is from October through May, but the courts are available all year long. Use of the facility is restricted to associate and full members and paddle only members and their guests. Single and Family Memberships are available. Family Membership includes head of household, spouse or partner and unmarried dependent children 25 or younger.

Guests are welcome. They must be accompanied by and signed in by a member on the daily sign-in sheet. An individual may play as a guest up to five times per season for free, after which a guest fee of $5 per visit will be charged.

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